SAP Router Installation on windows:

Pre-checks: Check with Network/Firewall team 3299 port is open for both outgoing and incoming from server where we going to install saprouter.
Raise a Public IP request for SAP router server.
Once you get the public IP we have raised below OSS message in XX-SER-NET-NEW  component to register public IP and hostname

OSS has been raised to SAP, You will get similar response from SAP which has distinguished name

Downloaded below SAPCryptolib file
Downloaded below SAPROUTER file

Create SAPouter and nt-x86_64 folder as specified and extract sapcryptolib in nt-x86_64 and saprouter in saprouter folder
Files in   nt-x86_64 folder

Files in saprouter folder

Environment variable created

Execute set command and u will get below result

Request SAP ROUTER Certificate:
Go to the

Copy this distinguished name which is required to execute below commands. Once you copied distinguished name then click on continues.
Click on apply for SAProuter certificate
Distinguished name: CN=SAPROUTER, OU=000xxxxxxx, OU=SAProuter, O=SAP, C=DE

I used below option to generate PSE from OS level instead from Service Market Place
Executed below command from sapgenpse,as per below article
sapgenpse get_pse -v -a sha256WithRsaEncryption -s 2048 -r certreq -p local.pse -x r “CN=SAPROUTER, OU=000xxxxxxx, OU=SAProuter, O=SAP, C=DE”
which generated local pse and certreq file

Local pse and certreq files are generated.
Submitted certreq file content in below path in Sevice Market Place
Below is the response

Srcert file created at sapgenpse path

Now executing below command
sapgenpse import_own_cert -c srcert -p local.pse -x <password>
command is failing

PIN/Passphrase: <password>
Install the certificate
sapgenpse import_own_cert -c srcert -p local.pse -x <pse password>
** There was problem with file extension after removing .txt it got imported successfully

sapgenpse seclogin -p local.pse -x <password> -O <domain>\Administrator
sapgenpse seclogin -p <path>\<psefile> -O <SNC_admin>

sapgenpse get_my_name -v -n Issuer

As per below link
The name of the issuer should be:
CN=SAProuter CA, OU=SAProuter, O=SAP Trust Community II, C=DE
SAP Router service created

sc create SAPRouter binPath=”E:\usr\sap\saprouter\saprouter.exe service -r -R E:\usr\sap\saprouter\saprouttab” start=auto obj=”NT AUTHORITY\LocalService”
As per SAP Note 41054 – Installation of SAProuter as Windows service

SAP Router check:
OSS1 setting
Default screen:

OSS1 setting after change

Finally we are able to create a service with below command
sc create SAPRouter binPath=”E:\usr\sap\saprouter\saprouter.exe service -r -R E:\usr\sap\saprouter\saprouttab -K ^p:CN=SAPROUTER, OU=000xxxxxxx, OU=SAProuter, O=SAP, C=DE^”
For testing purpose
We have downloaded the note from snote tool

RTCCTOOL ran properly

Hope this document will help you.

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