The Job Server Log Retention Period provides an automatic way to delete the Job Server log files such as the server_event*.logs. You can view currently stored Job Server log files in the Data Services Management Console using the Administrator application.

Below is the way to check the retention value in DataServices.

1. Log in the Central Management Console (CMC), select Applications.
2. Right-click Data Services Application from the Application Name column and select Settings. The Data Services Application Settings window opens.
3. Type a number in the Job Server Log Retention Period text box. The number sets the number of days in which the software retains the Job Server log files.

Below is the standard parameter value and its details:
30–> Default setting, software retains Job Server logs for 30 days.
0–> Software does not retain Job Server logs
Negative number–> Software retains Job Server logs indefinitely

4. Click Save and  software may take up to an hour to apply the settings because of background processing.

**Caution Many log files contain job statistics and other information for statistical and regulatory reports. Make sure that you understand what your Job Server log files are used for before you set the number of days to delete them.**

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