This is the overall directory structure in SAP system which present at OS level.
Unix/Linux based: use /
Windows based: use <drive>:\

Please note apart below list of directory, there are some more directory and sub-directory exist, which depend on type of SAP Product/Release and OS environment and also as per their use cases.

Main directory:

• /usr/sap –
Physical parent directory

• /usr/sap/trans –
Transport directory

• /usr/sap/SID –
SAP system parent directory

• /usr/sap/SID/SYS –
Contain common and global SAP system files (i.e. profile, global and exe directory)

• /usr/sap/SID/[instance_name] –
Contain SAP instance specific directories (i.e. data, log, and work)

• /sapmnt –
Directory structure for sharing common files to all system belonging into the same group.

• /sapmnt/SID –
Link or share folder of directory /usr/sap/[SID]/SYS

• /oracle –
Directory of the whole database system (for Oracle DB)

• /oracle/stage –
Directory that used for database installation and upgrades

•/oracle/SID –
Directory of the whole database application and data files

Shared directory:

• /sapmnt/SID/profile –
SAP instance profile

• /sapmnt/SID/global –
SAP central system log

• /sapmnt/SID/exe –
SAP executable application directory,Contain all SAP run-time program

Other list of directory with their functions.

• /sapmnt/SID/exe/opt –
Contain optimized program

• /sapmnt/SID/exe/dbg –
Program can run under symbolic debuggers

• /sapmnt/SID/exe/run –
Actual runtime program (SAP kernel)

• /sapmnt/SID/global –
Contain global and common data shared by all instance (i.e. central system logs and batch job logs)

• /sapmnt/SID/profile –
Contain instance profile (startup, default, instance-specific)

• /usr/sap/SID/INSTANCE-NAME/data –
Contain virtual storage data (i.e. user context and roll area)

• /usr/sap/SID/INSTANCE-NAME/log –
Log entries generated by instance

• /usr/sap/SID/INSTANCE-NAME/work –
Holds all error message & trace information for the instance process
Transport directory

• /usr/sap/trans –
Main transport directory

• /usr/sap/trans/bin –
Contain TPPARAM file (global transport parameter)

• /usr/sap/trans/data –
Contain transport data file

• /usr/sap/trans/log –
Transport logs, trace and statistic file

• /usr/sap/trans/buffer –
Special buffer with the SID of every system in the transport group (including control information)

• /usr/sap/trans/cofiles –
Control file directory

• /usr/sap/trans/sapnames –
Contain information of SAP User that performs export and keep tracks of each transport status

• /usr/sap/trans/tmp –
Temporary directory

• /usr/sap/trans/actlog –
Action log files (managed by SAP system)

• /usr/sap/trans/olddata –
Archived transport files

• /usr/sap/trans/backup –
Directory of logical backup with R3trans program

• /usr/sap/trans/serial –
Contain serialization of tp

• /usr/sap/SID/SUM
Contain all SUM related file and folder which required for upgrade.

Also below is graphical representation of overall directory structure for SAP ABAP and JAVA based system (Unicode) as per SAP standard guide.

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