High response times for Session_Manager report/program  in ST03 and STAD


“There is another reason for high response times with the session manager. This is due to a general limitation in the statistics: the transaction is determined at the end of a dialog step. Usually the last dialog step of a transaction saves data and takes quite long. Additionally the most memory is used in this dialog step.
But the transaction is finished during the dialog step. After the transaction has finished it might return to the transaction which called it. This is very often the session manager. As the transaction is determined at the end of the dialog step all the resources consumed within this dialog step are counted for the next transaction (here the session manager). The alternative for this behavior would be to get the transaction code at the beginning of the transaction. But here the same problem would occur with the first dialog step of the transaction (those often take quite long as well due to extensive DB statements which run at the beginning of a transaction).
This is a general limitation that cannot be worked around. To distinguish between the erroneous records mentioned in the first part of this note and those which belong to the end of a note one must take a close look at the ST03 records and decide whether they are normal or not.”
Similarly we can see trend of high response time in EWA reports also.

This is SAP Design. There is no solution for this phenomenon. This is a well-known issue that is described in detail in note 569587.

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