We usually find in EWA report or in other SAP reports that high response time or performance issue shown related to tcode/report COOIS / COOISPI / PPIO_ENTRY. Also in some cases the short dumps TIME_OUT, MEMORY_NO_MORE_PAGING or TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED may also be observed.

To check or troubleshoot more on this, below few points need to check.

1) The main reason of this performance issue is selection is criteria is not restrictive enough while running the report.
As per the SAP Note 1839953 “System performance can be improved substantially if less orders are read into buffer on the first step. That can be done by using a more restrictive selection criterion, entering a production order range, a material number range etc. It is also very important to enter different ranges for the dates on the header level to prevent very old production orders from being selected. You should enter at least one value in the section ‘Absolute dates at header level’ or ‘Relative dates at headers level’ to reduce the amount of production orders being selected from database”

2) Update statistics from the order tables AFPO, AUFK, AFKO, CAUFV, JEST, AFVC, and other additional table like DD07L, FUNREQ, JEST, MAKT, MKAL, PLAF, SMMAIN, T437A, TCOA, TCOAD, TCOAT, TCOIS, TJ02, TJ02T, TJ48T, TSTCT, TXPR1 etc. This additional table you can find by (Execute tcode SE38 –> enter program name (this case PPIO_ENTRY) –> Environment analysis –> select database table –> press ok).

3) Archiving old production orders.

This approach will help to improve the performance, we tried and tested in our environment.
If issue persist then you can raise an OSS with SAP to assist further on this.

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