The database side the table TST03 can appear to be very large and to confirm this the size of the table needs to be compared with the actual data stored in the TemSe. This is only for Oracle database system.
Below the step to check the size difference

To compare:
The size of the table can be checked via transaction ST04 -> Space -> Segments -> Detailed Analysis (Aggregated).
Enter TST03 in the filed “Segment / Object” in the next screen as below:
Then, you will see the following result:

In this example, the size of the table TST03 on database level is more than 460 GB.
Now call transaction “SP12 -> TemSe Data Storage -> Memory allocation” to find out how much data is currently stored in TemSe.

Under Statistics for memory allocation header, you get the following information:
The line “In database” shows the amount of data stored in the database in bytes. In this example it is around 60 GB which is much less than 460 GB shown via transaction ST04 as above.

**Please note** The size difference is only a problem if you see a significant differences. e.g. If on database level the size is e.g. 160 GB. and in SP12 140 GB, then this is quite normal.

To Solve this one below few check need to look.
1. problem can only be resolved via a reorganization of the table TST03 on database level via database tools.
2. Also to avoid such occurrence in future, need to set the value for PCTFree to 1% by table TST03 so that the wasted space is minimized.
SQLPLUS and execute the following command:


This approach will helpful to gain space at DB level and minimize the difference between Temse and Table size.

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