SAP GUI History not saved, we usually check using backspace button. Sometime its happen when we upgrade our MS office.

–> Close all your SAP sessions including SAP logon pad

–> Open SAP GUI Configuration
–> In your GUI Configuration options click on ‘Local Data’ folder and then ‘History’
–> Change history status to ‘OFF’ and click on ‘Apply’
–> Click on history status back to ‘ON’ and click on ‘Apply’
–> Click ‘Clear History’  button and finally click ‘OK ’ to close this window.
–> Now navigate to C:\users\\AppData\Roaming\SAP\SAP GUI\History
–> If you do not see AppData folder then you will have to enable show hidden folders in the windows folder option menu
–> Here you will find MDB file which is usually named ‘SAPHistory.mdb
–>Delete this file

Reopen SAP GUI and try it out, this is will solve your issue..


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