Below is step to configure SSO Between  EP Portal to ABAP system.

1) Create/verify the )parameter present in ABAP system or not.

Go to RZ10 –>

login/create_sso2_ticket  =
login/accept_sso2_ticket =1;
icm/full_host_name         =

2) Import the certificate from portal

Login in to NWA (portal http://<>:5$$00/nwa), navigate to certificate and keys section

Select “Ticketkeystore” option and then again select “saplogontiketkeypair-cert”, then click “export entry” as shown below

Select export format-Base 64 type and click on Download

3) Exported the certificate from portal into ABAP system,login in ABAP system and enter tcode “strustsso02”

Click on import certificate option and import the downloaded file. Then click on “ add to certificate” and “Add to ACL” option and click on save.


4) Now will go to section “ trusted system” in portal NWA.

Create the entry for backened ABAP system.

Once it is done, it will automatically added into certificate and key list.

5) Now make the RFC connection between ECC and Portal

initially it will failed with error “ NO registered program found”

6) Now goto NWA, click on configuration –> connectivity –> Jco provider.

Created JCo in Portal by clicking on “create” option

Once its created ,start the jco connection, once its running, then we can test the RFC, it will run fine..

7) Now login in to portal ( irj/portal)  create system object under dministration section.

Create system object and fill the all details related entries in system object.

This after click on test connection, if its work fine, then it will be completed..

8) Just for verification, login in to irj/portal –> system administration –> support –> Test and configuration Tools.

If its goes without asking password, then SSO work fine..


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