The Software Update Manager (SUM) is restarted after a stop, and the SUM screen with “Start options” is displayed.

Explanation of this behavior:

–> By default, the SL Common UI starts the Software Update Manager without any special parameters, and you can skip the field Start Options. If you want to start the Software Update Manager with special parameters provided by SAP, enter these parameters in the field Start Options and choose Next.
If you see the above page, you can just leave the Start options field empty and press the button “Next” and continue.

–> If the next button is grayed out, please follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

* Close the current browser
* Kill any SAPup processes on the operating system level
* Start SUM again
* Launch the SUM GUI in a different browser or use the incognito mode in the browser
* Click Next

–> In some cases, the SUM goes back to the “Start options” screen again after press the button “Next”. This SUM behavior often indicates that fatal error happens in upgrade process, and the upgrade process is terminated again just after restarting. In this situation, You need to analyze the SUM logs and resolve the fatal error first before you can start the SUM process properly.

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