When we use the latest SL Common UI by entering the http or https URL in browser, we are asked to input the OS user and password to start the SUM.
This user should be <sid>adm by default.
But even if we enter the correct user and password of <sid>adm, the browser still pops up the same screen repeatedly without any other information, and the SUM cannot be started.

Explanation and Solution:

SAP Host Agent mechanism is used now to start SUM and execute operations and commands to the updated system.
So before SUM can be executed properly, it must be registered in SAP Host Agent firstly by running STARTUP command from OS level.

Due to this feature, the following issues can happen:

1. Wrong STARTUP Command:
Based on the OS, database and ABAP/JAVA/Dual-Stack instance type of the updated SAP system, the command to register SUM is DIFFERENT.
In fact, STARTUP command has the following variables to reflect the above differences:
STARTUP(.bat) confighostagent <blank>/<SID>/jvm6
If we run the STARTUP command with the wrong variables, the output still tells we the registration is successful, but in fact the registration is not correctly completed.

Please check the appropriate SUM guide to determine the correct STARTUP command to run the SAP Host Agent registration.
Note: SUM patch and guide are being updated constantly, so there might be slight changes to the STARTUP command.
Hence please always check the latest version of SUM guide every time when we use the SUM.

2. SAP Host Agent Inconsistencies:
There might be inconsistencies in SAP Host Agent (wrong authorization, mismatching binaries, etc.), which prevents the SUM from starting, even if the registration is properly done.
However, the above inconsistencies cannot be detected and handled by SUM automatically, so it repeatedly asks for the user and password.

Please remove SAP Host Agent installed on our server and re-install it with the latest patch.
Note:It’ll be difficult and time consuming to locate and fix the inconsistencies in SAP Host Agent, which is probably left over by the last improper SAP Host Agent update.
Instead, it’s much quicker to remove and re-install it with a new patch to restore the consistency.
After the SAP Host Agent is correctly re-installed, the SUM will start successfully.

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