Issue: Table history is not visible in DB02 tcode, see below.

Reason: This statistic data is gathered from below data collector, if they inactive then it stop collecting data and will not show their relevant data in DB02. Here Database is Oracle.
In this scenario, total 72 connector is there and in which the inactive connecter were responsible for Table history.

Path to check:  on DB02 –> expand space –> click collector log –> click on Module Tab
Or from table DB02_COLL_PLAN

On troubleshooting the issue,  check the RC code of Inactive collector, we can see it from table DB02_COLL_LOG by giving the SMON_ID of inactive collector, we can get the inactive collector SMON_ID and dependent colector name from table DB02_COLL_PLAN.

Click on execute, we can see below such log in which we can see it became inactive with RC =32.
Similarly, check the RC code of every inactive collector and their dependent collector.

Each RC code represent different explanation, as per below.

In this case its 32, so showing error “runtime exceeded fixed limit”. Also error seems self-explanatory, as it sub-monitor tries to run more than assigned time. We can check the assigned time from table ORA_MON_DBCON, as shown below.

So in system, there is defend time out value for each collector to run, for this scenario it is 1800 sec to run the every submonitor/collector , but few other collector required more times to run/execute, as data size will be huge or any other factor like few submonitor required more 6000 as per log on table DB02_COLL_LOG.

To resolve the issue, below step need to do.

  • First check each inactive collector and find the maximum duration required, for example if from all inactive collector ran for 30,000 sec, then take few buffer min in calculation and decide 1 value, I will do 36,000 sec for this scenario.
  1. Regenerate the collectors report RSORACUP
  • To recreate the modules:  as per note 1002840
  • Call report RSORACUP with parameter:

CON_NAME = <DB connection>, (normally check table ORA_MON_DBCON for CON_NAM)


  • If you are asked to delete entries in MONI, say NO.
  • Call report RSORACUP again with parameters:

CON_NAME = <DB connection>


  1. Open the client from SCC4 and SE06 (please follow change process or other process as per your organization)
  2. Increase the MAX_RUNTIME for collectors to 36,000 seconds.

(We came to this value based on the observation of the collectors run time and some of them requires value more than 30,000 seconds.)

  • Go to transaction SE16;
  • Table name: ORA_MON_DBCON and then press F7;
  • CON_NAME: DEFAULT and the press F8;
  • The information from the DEFAULT connection will be displayed;
  • Check the box next to DEFAULT and Press F6 which will open the change screen;
  • Modify the MAX_RUNTIME value to 36,000 and then save (CTRL+S);
  1. Close the client from SCC4 and SE06.

Wait for SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR job to run for 1-2 days, then see the result.
Sometime issue re-occur with RC=32 but this run time show more higher time like sec 65,000, in that repeat steps 1 to 4 and set time around 70,000, please try to do collector run for his desired time and it will eventually solve issue.
In few cases, after increasing the run-time parameter still submonitor 551,552 and 553 fails on regular basis, then in that case follow below steps to perform.
** step 1 to 4 describe in detail in above section, kindly check and verify**
Step 1: run the report RSORACUP
Step 2:  Open client SCC4 and SE06
Step 3: Modify the MAX_RUNTIME value to xx,xxx ( what you decide as per your inactive collector max runtime).
Step 4: Go to SE16, table DB02_COLL_PLAN and change the value of field ‘PARAM” as per below collectors respectively.
(As per note 1482296 and 1274775, if the runtime of these specific connectors is high due to high volume of data, it recommends to set the PARAMs for corresponding collectors which reduces the amount of data which is stored in them.)
For SMON_ID = 551
change field PARAM from ’30’ to ’30 -P7′.
For SMON_ID = 552
change field PARAM from ‘175’ to ‘175 -P14’.
For SMON_ID = 553
change field PARAM from ‘365’ to ‘365 -P28’.
Click ‘Save’
Step 5: close the client SCC4  and SE06.
Please monitor for few days and it will solve the issue.
Reference SAP Note: 1002840, 2544446, 1482296, 1274775 is being followed while resolving this issue.

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